Womxn Level Up

Womxn Level Up is a meetup aimed at empowering software engineers and web developers who identify as female, non-binary, and/or are from underrepresented backgrounds, through education, networking, and mentorship. While there is a plethora of amazing tech meetups available, we noticed a need for something geared towards people who identify as mid-level or have some experience already working as a programmer.

Maybe you graduated from a bootcamp a few years ago and have already had a couple jobs. Maybe you’ve been junior awhile and want to be mid-level. Maybe you’re mid-level and want to be senior. Maybe you want to be the next team lead. We want to help you get there! We intend to build out the technical component of our meetup to really challenge you and level up your skills.

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Womxn Level Up has decided to cancel March's meetup due to the coronavirus. To help stop the spread of the virus it is recommended that we avoid attending and hosting large gatherings. We felt it was important to do our part. We will be monitoring the situation closely and we will let you know if additional meetups will be affected.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe and wash your hands.

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